Spiked Bird Creature 23"x8.5"
Every family has one - our spiked bird creature is our wild and crazy addition to our bird family. He’s always ready for a good time and his bright yellows and blues are sure to brighten up your yard while...
Toucan Dance 24"x15"
No angry bird here! Our multicolored bird piece is a fun way to add some color to your yard, and her long beak and wide eyes this piece extra special!
Drill Head Robin 23"x9"
The distinguished grandfather of our bird family … our Drill Head Robin presides over your outdoor space with his gorgeous colored feathers and his commanding red plume. Perfect for yard art on a tree!
Begonia Blue Bird 17"x13"
More sophisticated than his colorful cousin the Taggert Bird, our Begonia Blue Bird is a classic piece for yard or wall art. Add him to one of your trees as an unexpected but welcome surprise to passers-by!
Red Phoenix 17"x17"
This Phoenix is made to rise from the ashes of your yard as an inviting and bright piece of yard art!
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