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The Story

In early 2020 Scotie Cousin was at a local supermarket in Jacksonville, FL - and the tone in the check out line was just off. Scotie is an amazing artist and he wanted to take that “tone” and do his part to turn it around - with the thing he knows best, his art! So he started in his garage painting these fun creative happy “critters” and anonymously putting them around his city. Scotie started getting a lot of feedback on his art, making people laugh and smile!

In 2021, Bryan Croft , the Entrepreneur and “fake artist” started seeing these around town, and felt the smile, laugh and love that Scotie was working on. Bryan had never even met Scotie. Bryan just kept seeing them around his home town and on his commute around town. No matter what they would make Bryan and family smile.

In November 2021, Bryan was at a local fund raiser for the Boys & Girls club of NE Florida and there it was. A piece of art that Scotie had donated to the silent auction. Now Bryan was on a mission to meet this Scotie guy, who was doing several of these out of his garage for people who saw them and wanted one in their yard or business.


Bryan has been in the sign business for over 20 years and approached Scotie for “the meeting”. Scotie came to Bryan’s office, got the tour and talked for an hour about all things community, art, laughter and smiles. Bryan wanted to help Scotie take these “Critters of Love” and spread them past our local community to the whole country. God knows we need more love and smiles in our country.

So was born - and here we go partnering to spread the love around the USA!

The Mission!
Spread the Smiles around the USA
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